Ch. Jecoda's Spice of Life ROM

Ch. Jecoda's Spice of Life ROM

Breeders:  Connie & David Bissonnette
Owners:  Linda & George Fisher
DOB:  November 16th 1999

Ch. Kenlyn's Illuminator v Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Cain Cade ROM

Ch. Mary Mary of Fran-Jo ROM
Ch. Jecoda's Spice of Life ROM

Ch. Kinni-Oz v Kubistraum ROM

Jecoda Keystone Annie Murphy ROM

  Jecoda-Todor Wunderkind

GSDC of America---November 8th, 2001---American Bred Bitch

"A good sized bitch, yet feminine and pretty.  Very strong mover, lots of power, yet balanced.  One that you know could work all day.

The ring was finally opened up and now instead of a cramped corner, these wonderful bitches were given the opportunity to gait using the entire arena.  The finalists in this class were all very close.  I did want to see each one of the finalists in front of the class but I did learn something doing it this way.  Instead of stopping the class and placing them immediately after you decide you want to move one up, you should wait until they have all had their turn in front and then place them.  I do like to see each one have a chance at the lead."

-Lew Bunch

2006 Register of Merit Bitch

Ch. Willaway's Grantie Moutain
Ch. Willaway's Mount Shasta
Ch. Willaway Mount Olive
Willaway's Rocky Mountain High
Willaway's Colorado River
Willaway's Cannonball River
Willaway's Yellow River