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We are here to give you, the buyer access to the country's top breeders.  Much of their puppies match or are lower than a "pet store's" price and the quality of animal is MUCH higher.  You receive all the benefits without supporting the "puppy mill"; many a Pet Store supplier.  

We want to give access to the novice breeder so they may learn more about the past and present of the breed. And we love to make it a place where breeders, past and present can find and relive great memories!

If you've just purchased that adorable bundle of fun and would like to look up some of it's prestigious ancestors you've found the right place!  The animals are listed by "Dogs" and "Bitches" 


 We have photos, pedigrees and write ups on some of the most popular and famous German Shepherd Dogs of all time!  Every page is made for easy print out!

For fun you can even trace your new puppy back to the very FIRST GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG registered in Germany:

SZ-1 Horand von Grafrath

To begin your search, find the name of an animal in your puppy's pedigree. Click on the "Index" we have listed, and you're OFF!   Click below and you'll see what I mean....


Puppy Buyers: Now, if you're in the market for a puppy, you're in the right place! To help assist you in your search for a healthy, happy addition to your family we've made a list of highly respected, qualified breeders for you. They can be located in the "Breeder’s Guide." (Breeders read below)

You may not only find breeders in your area, but actually SEE the sire or dam of the puppies they may have up for adoption! Each breeder here is listed by state and town and most have an e-mail address and/or phone number for contacting.  ALL breeders listed within this site has signed the official 



This site is growing rapidly by the gracious help from you! We are always looking for photos, pedigrees and critiques for the dogs listed within these pages. If a pedigree is not complete it is because we do not have that information, not because we choose not to list it. On every page there is a "Submit" button that you may activate and forward any information you may have on that dog.

Every page is made for a fast download time; using the minimum amount of graphics. Text will not slow down the time it takes to open so any additional information you may have please do forward to us.

If we do not have an animal listed please forward on the information on that dog so that we can input the data. As you can see, we list the name, pedigree and photo of that dog. Any and all information is greatly appreciated!

In order for a dog to qualify for a page on this site, it must have accomplished the following:

  • American Winners Dog/Winners Bitch accompanied by a judge's critique*
  • American Best of Breed/Best Opposite Sex accompanied by a judge's critique*
  • American National Class Winner accompanied by a judge's critique*
  • American National Maturity/Futurity Victor/Victrix
  • American Select rated animals  
  • American Grand Victor/Grand Victrix
  • American Register of Merit titled
  • American Award of Excellence titled
  • Beginning in 2000 the top 10 Sires and Dams AKC Major Point Show Tabulations

We do not include the Futurity/Maturity results here for these are viewed more as matches and not AKC sanctioned events.  Their purpose is to enlighten the breeder verses establishing a win.  

ROM:  We publish all the progeny of Register of Merit Dams but publish only the CHAMPION progeny of the Register of Merit sires since those lists can be extremely large with some dogs.

*CRITIQUES: All critiques must be from published source or come to us from the judge themselves.

 PLEASE RE-SIGN the new Breeder's Code of Ethics.

We want to thank you all for the compliments you've given us on the site.

And we hope you all continued to enjoy the site!


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