Ch Hylock's Prosecutor CD ROM

Ch Hylock's Prosecutor CD, ROM
OFA GS-22472G59M
Breeders: Jerry & Fran Rood
Owners: Jerry & Fran Rood & Dave & Linda Tofel
Born: November 8th, 1983

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Ch Hylock's Prosecutor CD, ROM

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Northeastern Indiana KC --- November 6, 1988 --- Best of Opposite Sex

"very handsome dark sable with good temperament and personality, expresive and masculine. Pretty good feet and pasterns. Very nice prosternum, chest, and ribbing, strong and muscular in loins. Well angled, long croup with adequate width. Fairly firm in the hocks while standing, but could be a little better in action. Excellent extension and very good reach."

~ Fred Lanting

1990 Register of Merit Sire

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