Ch. Hyline's Duran v Woodside ROM, TC

Ch. Hyline's Duran v Woodside ROM, TC
OFA GS23774G30M / EL38
Breeders: Kathy Hays & Sandy Anderson
Owners: Margaret & Ronald Nunnally
DOB: Oct 27 1986

  1987 GV Ch. Rio Valle's Nestle Crunch ROM
  AOE 1991 GV Ch. Woodside's Nestlequik Merwestyn ROM
  Woodside's Chelsey v Windigail (sister to Chachi ~below)
Ch. Hyline's Duran v Woodside ROM, TC
  Woodside's Chachi Windigail (Mazarati son)
  Woodside's Indigo

Shar-Mac's Dapple v Proven Hill  (GV Aspen daughter)


  Tualatin K.C. --- 1989 --- Winners Dog

"... a medium sized black and tan of exceptional breed type. His proportions are ideal and he's clean at both ends."

~ Helen Franklin

2000 Register of Merit Sire

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  Denotes a member of the13-Club