1932 German Sieger
Hussan v. Haus Schutting 
ZPr Kkl 1

1932 Sgr. Hussan v. Haus Schutting
SZ# 375476
Breeder: Dr. W. Funk -- Hannover 
Born : March 16th, 1928

1925 Sgr. Klodo v. Boxberg

1929 Sgr. Utz v Haus Schutting Z.Pr.

Donna z Reurer

1932 Sgr. Hussan v. Haus Schutting Z.Pr

Nores v.d. Krimminaltolizie

Cora v Sennhutte

Sieglinde v Rothenbuch HGH



"The 1932 Seiger was Hussan v Haus Schuetting, a Utz son ex a Nores daughter.  In view of the fact that pedigrees are studied at the Sieger show this award is difficult to fathom because although Hussan was a good specimen, better perhaps than Utz, he was likely to carry many defects.  This proved to be the case
and colour paling, long coats, light eyes, cryptorchidism, temperamental failings, faulty tails and even sickle hocks were to be laid at Hussan's door.  He, too, went the Far Eastern route and one shudders to think what was happening to the breed there at that time."

~Author Unknown

"It looks like Hussan could be short in upper arm but with wonderful shoulder, back, croup and balance.

Some interesting things about Hussanís pedigree: Lined 4 - 3 on Etzel von Herkulspark and 5 - 4, 4 on Jung Tell v. Kriminalpozei. The mother is not only a Nores v.d. Kriminalpozei daughter, but she is line bred on Horst v. Boll 3 - 4.

Before being exported to China, Hussan was the Sieger in 1932. To that point he had produced 321 registered offspring in Germany. Not a lot of offspring for a Sieger but it looks like they had held him back from the title for at least a year, the "in" breeders would have used him enough to get what they wanted. On the first year he was shown, Marie Leary wrote of her annoyance, really panning the winner, who the S.V. could not get the breeders to use.

Hussan was another tremendous bonus for German breeding, a credit to the creativity of Doctor Funk. It is not until one goes on from Hussan, seeing the Hussan descendants appear and reappear in the great dogs that came after him, that his importance to the breed is realized. Something has to have come from his mother side, and SHE was a daughter of Nores von der Kriminalpolizei. She also had additional lines to Jung Tell and Dewet Barbarossa. Again it is the Nores influence that is so surprising. Perhaps it was the breeding with Nores being back of Hussan's mother, which denied him the Sieger title for a year. In 1931, other reports about the show criticized Hussan not going Sieger. Instead it was given to Herold von Niederlausitz SchH, for the second year in a row.

Technically Hussan was a better specimen than Utz v Haus Schutting. The breeding that produced Hussan was contrary to all the recommendations of Von Stephanitz. Is it possible that the creation of this dog could have hastened the end of Von Stephanitz?" 

~Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History