V Horst v Boll PH

 V Horst v Boll PH
Born: May 12th, 1909

V Graf Eberhard v. Hohen Esp SchH III (coat color: black & gray)

V Munko v Boll SchH III SZ3776 (coat color: black & tan)

Lori v Brenztal (coat color: )

V Horst v Boll PH

Achim v Tautenburg SZ2420 (coat color: black & gray)

Hella v Boll SZ4382

Minka v Boll SZ4375 (coat color: black & brown)


"Horst was grossly oversized (70cm), very short in body and with a particularly poor shoulder.  He was, however, good in character and had good ear carriage, a failing at that time.  He was PH trained and 
for a time was one of the most popular stud dogs in Germany (171 litters/907 progeny) particularly to Kiminalpolizei lines.  He sired many V and SG stock and for good or ill was spread through the breed to an enormous degree.  The so-called younger Kriminalpolizei "blood" was characterized by poor temperament, faded colors and faulty dentition.  The dog which typified this was Nores vd Kriminalpolizei, a Horst son out of the 1914 Austrian Siegerin Gisa vd Kriminalpolizei."

~Author Unknown