Am/Can. Ch. Hoheniechen's Magnum ROM

Ch. Hoheniechen's Magnum ROM

Breeders: T.D. Sherman & C.B. Miller
Owners: Tom & Kathy Sherman
June 13, 1982

Proven Hill's A Sun Hawk

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Ch. Hoheniechen's Magnum ROM

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Ch. Carmil's Koko Channel

  Carmil's Ebony v Hoheneichen

GSDC of America---1984---Select #3

"Appears immature, good pigmentation, good back, good sex characteristics, excellent side gait with effortless motion, shoulder is a little forward travels a little loose going away but I feel with age he will strengthen, he did not perform as well as he has in the past.  Has an excellent future."

-Fran Ford

GSDC of America---September 28th, 1985---Select #12

"A good sized black and tan male, not fully mature and unfortunately out of coat. He has a good high wither and a strong back. His tail could be set a bit lower. This dog has a nice head and expression. He has an outreaching gait but seems to let down an bit after a long turn in the ring"

-Connie Beckhardt

1987 Register of Merit Sire

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