Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag ROM/C


Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag ROM
Breeder: George Davis
Owners: Thomas D. & Katherine M. Sherman
February 13th, 1990


Ch Proven Hills Jock Hoheneichen ROM

Ch Hoheneichen's Magnum ROM

Ch Carmil's Koko Chanel
Ch. Hoheneichen's Flag ROM/C

Pinebeach's Cerpico

Jeral's Eutin

Ch Stonekroft's Magic of Brasban


GSDC of America---1989---Futurity Victor

GSDC of America---1990---Best Opposite in Maturity

"a large, handsome black and tan, dry dog, a good topline and iron back, and a fluid mover from the side, good follow-through, clean coming and going. I prefer a little more masculinity. Today he was hard pressed by the bitch."

~ Francis Ford Sr.

"a black and red-tan dog with an excellent temperament and vibrant attitude. Dark eyes, excellent ear set, ellegant neck, strong back, excellent croup and tail set. An animated mover with a fluid, balanced, outreaching gait. Not quite three years of age. He is somewhat of a slow maturer."

~ Helen Gleason

GSDC of America---1990-- Select #13

".. this dog moves well. Strong hindquarter, excellent back, adequate forehand. Clean. A bit fine for me."

~ Ed Barritt


1993 Register of Merit Sire

1993 GVX Ch Hoheneichen-Avalon's Chinadoll
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indicates a member of the 13 Club