Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival ROM/ROMC

Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival ROM/ROMC
OFA GS-22503F24M-T
Canadian Grand Victor
Breeders: Andy Tesiorowski & Katherine Sherman
Owners: Alan & Lesley Wood, Gloria Birch & Cappy Pottle

Ch. Lochwood's Sundance v. Stuttgarts

Ch. Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/ROMC

Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM
Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival ROM/ROMC

Ch. Proven Hill's Jock Hoheniechen ROM

Hoheniechen's Bliss

  Proven Hill's Ivy Hoheniechen
1990 Canadian Grand Victor

1988  Maturity Victor

1987 Canadian National Best Puppy

GSDC of America --- 1989
--- Select # 8

"a typey black and tan male with excellent topline; a balanced dog. Not as extreme as my other males, but very pretty, with a nice sidegait and good depth of body."

~ Betty Razevich

GSDC of America --- 1990--- Select # 3

"... a very handsome, large, black and red/tan male. Also showed strength and masculinity. He has a firm back and an efficient hindquarter. He moves with coordination and performed very well. I felt he is slightly lacking in forehand and shortens up a bit on a loose lead. He is clean; overall, a lovely male."

~ Ed Barritt

1991 US National Select # 11

1992 US National Select # 3

"a substantial, masculine male. He has a very nice topline, with a good forehand and rear assembly. Strong bone and good depth of body. Strong pigment and good coat. Easy mover with good suspension. Did not show with the same enthusiasm that I have seen in the past."

~ Ralph Roberts


1993 US National Select # 2

"this is the one my heart was with. What a magnificent male for seven years of age, and five times Select--this may be a record. No doubt he is all male, with excellent sex characteristics. Large black and red with good black eyes and well-set ears, strong back and hindquarters. Consistent in motion. He just did not show me the forehand of the dog ahead of him."

~ Margaret (Peggy) Douglas



1993 Register Of Merit Sire

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  Denotes a member of the 13th Club