Ch. Hilight's Zapata

Ch. Hilight's Zapata

Owner: Kikuo Fuita and Ann Mesdag
DOB: August 25th, 1965

Dravus Wallace
(Can. Ch.) Von Greg-Cyn's Comander
Graydon Maizy
Ch. Hilight's Zapata CD
Dux vom Elfenhain (Alf son)
(Can. Ch.) Cathay's Cyri
(Can. GVX Ch.) Cathay Arla of Arron

GSDC of Hawaii --- February 25th, 1968 --- Winner's Dog & Best of Breed

"For Winners Dog, and for my eventual Best of Breed, I selected High Light Zapata, a beautiful two and one half year old black and reddish tan male of medium size with a well coordinated, free and easy moving gait. He is well constructed fore and aft with a good middlepiece. All in all an extremely nice dog who was the stand out for the day."

~ Robert Penny

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