Ch. Highland Acre's Charley v. Kamedon

Ch. Highland Acre's Charley v. Kamedon
OFA-H-GS-58938G43M-T E-GS-EL11263-T
Breeder: C.Hicks
Owners: Mario M. Jannini & Curinn Hicks
DOB: October 21, 1996

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Ch. Highland Acre's Charley v. Kamedon

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GSDC of America---November 4th, 1998 --- Futurity Dog

"A sound animal who caught my eye the minute he walked into the ring. This is a male. He has excellent Breed type and attitude. You didn't have to look twice to find this out. A large boned black and tan male with excellent proportions who carries a gorgeous double coat. Strong masculine head, complete dentition, and elegant neck blending into a high wither and firm strong back. This youngster was beautifully shown continuously on a loose lead. He is a fluid mover, who, because of he sound structure, covers ground effortlessly. He is a balanced side more, true coming and going. His sound under pinning (feet and pasterns) and correct gait and temperament made him an easy winner for me."

~ Mrs. Helen Gleason


GSDC of America---November 4th, 1998---Futurity Victor

"The BOF winner is a masculine, handsome black and tan of very nice breed type who is sound at both ends coming and going. He had a very nice side gait. I would like to see a little higher wither and firmer middlepiece. My final decision was made on the bitch's excellent topline and iron middlepiece, excellent follow through plus the transmission and suspension."

~ Fran Ford