Ch. Hiddenacre's Field Marshall

Ch. Hiddenacre's Field Marshall
Breeder: Les and Judy Snaith
Owners: Dick and Sue Godek

Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Don Quixote ROM

Covy-Tucker Hill's Carmelita ROM
Ch. Hiddenacre's Field Marshall

Ch. Frack v Rosshaus

Our Bero's Mitzi

Bero's Peach Blossom

GSDC of America --- 1982 --- 12 to 18 Month Dog

"Black and reddish tan male of medium size showing a beautiful outline when posed. He has a good back and topline and in motion he is a coordinated mover with good extnesion and underdrive, but has a tendency to loft slightly in front. He was a bit wide going away and could use a shade more head, but overall is an outstanding animal."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1984---Select #8

"A very nice male with a beautiful outline. Large black and tan, good layback of shoulder, good back, a coordinated mover also but lifts slightly in front, good coming, a little wide going away. Overall, a very handsome male."

~ Fran Ford