2000 Grand Victor 
Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham

2000 GV Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham ROM TC HIC
OFA GS-52425G25M-T
Breeder/Owner: Christine & Steve Grainger
March 18th, 1996 April 10 2004


Toro of Jeanden

1996 GV Ch. Stoneway's Uecker

DuChien's Ghia of Langenau
2000 GV Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham ROM TC HIC
  Ch. Pairadice's Huganut (Kid son)

Hunde Haus Zoee Rosita

  Remy's Crystal Rose 

GSDC of America---1996---6 to 9 Puppy Dog

"From a very fine class with 39 present out of the 59 entered. The first four were all beautiful, but this dog was chosen on his ease of movement and overall breed type. Interestingly, he's sired by the new Grand Victor."

~ Kathleen Steen

GSDC of America---1996---Best Puppy

"sired by the 1996 Grand Victor, this puppy male came from the junior puppy class. He is a beautiful moving puppy with a nice stride, and fleet in motion. A very good front and nicely balanced, with a good rear assembly. Very nice puppy back that holds steady in motion. Very nice coming and going. This guy will do well in his coming career. He is a real compliment to his sire."

~ Ralph Roberts

GSDC of Greater Chattanooga---September 7th, 1997---Reserve Winner's Dog

"This is a young dog of just beautiful type. He is masculine and large. An easy mover with a good period of suspension, shown beautifully on a loose lead."

-Kathy Potter

GSDC of Northern Alabama---September 8th, 1997---Reserve Winner's Dog

"An exceptional young dog with a high whither, hard back and hard driving rear. Sometimes drives so hard he will have the tendency to lift slightly in front. A very flashy dog with a great show dog attitude."

-Sally Hayden

GSDC of America---1997---Futurity Victor

"An elegant black/tan stallion, great expression, clean front and rear. Starts out lofty (as did Hawkeye) then settles into an outreaching gait with good follow through. Carries a good topline. A willing performer that asked for it."

~ Rosalind Schaefer

Memphis GSDC---March 29th, 1998---Best of Breed

"From a class of very nice Specials made my job difficult, ...or maybe easy. A large black and rich tan male with a beautiful topline, sensational ground covering gait, with obvious suspension. He has a handsome head, although I would like a wider scull for this dog's size, dark eye, full dentition, excellent temperament. Nice short hocks, hard back, excellent in forehand, traveling close to the ground, with an extremely strong rear with great follow through. He has a nice long stride. Loved his sparkling white teeth!"

-Peggy Lee

GSDC of Southern Illinois---September 27th, 1998---Best of Breed

"....A medium large, black and reddish tan, in beautiful coat and superb condition. He had a masculine head, dark eyes and a good earset. His feet and pasterns were good. From the side his proportions were correct, his topline, underline, and croup were good. He had fluid sidegait, reaching well out in front with a beautiful iron back and driving rear....powerful, but at the same time, effortless. Handled by his owner, his performance outstanding, his attitude, excellent."

-Cyndi Flautt

GSDC of America---November 7, 1998---Select #3

"A very stylish black and tan of attractive outline. Back and topline good. A smooth coordinated mover but a bit too lofty in forehand. A consistent performer who showed well."

~ Edmond Barritt


GSDC of America---November 4th, 2000---Best of Breed

"My first impression was of a dog with medium rich dark black and tan pigment and well-proportioned body structure. His secondary sex characteristics are well pronounced. He has excellent temperament, and
true Shepherd character with a desire to work from start to finish. His silhouette was correct. His front assembly is a 45-degree shoulder, correct length, equal to the upper arm, but the upper arm is straighter which causes his front feet travel not close to the ground, especially on a tight lead. When he is on a loose lead, that is not as pronounced.
He has a strong back. His rear quarters are very strong with powerful drive. He is clean coming and going, and his croup and tail set are correct. Good bite, full dentition. I am very happy to award him Best of Breed because he pleased me from the beginning to the end. He could have a great influence on our breed."

-Joseph Bihari

2001 Register of Merit Sire

2004 GV Ch.Hickory Hill's Godiva Sirius Park
Ch. Sirius Parks Poetry Aladdin
1998 BP Ch. Pilgrim Auld Lang Syne Todor
Select Ch. Pilgrim Kellie Jolly T'hill TC
Silverhill's Sumthun Special
Select Ch. Hickory Hill's Wild West v Pilgrim 
Pilgrim's Thalia v Chablis'
Select Ch. Sirius Park's Worth The Trip
Ch. Sirius Park's Ivy League
Select Ch. Hickoryhill's Brickhouse Sirius Park
Ch. Sirius Park's Poetry Aladdin
Ch. Hickoryhill's Wells Fargo v. Pilgrim
Pilgrim's Thalia v Chablis'
Ch. Caretti's Suicide Squeeze HIC
Caretti's Ledroc's Online
Ch. EJ's Calamity Jane of Coda CGC
Tara Airway's Demi
Ch. Pilgrim's Chamique
Pilgrim's Maiden Voyage
Ch Mechanical Bull of Edan
Ch. Pilgrim's Harvest Sturdevant
Silverhill's Sumthen Special
Mexican GV Am Ch Prima Bullerina of Edan
Ch. Hickoryhill's Raging Bull Pilgrim
Cool Breeze of Meadowridge
Ch Mechanical Bull of Edan
Ch. Legato's Born on the Bayou PT
Legato's Ruby Tuesday
Ch. Gem-N-I Missmic Fancy That
Jerr's French Fryz
Ch. Hickoryhill's GQ Sirius Park
Ch. Sirius Park's Poerty Aladdin
JDM Yankee Run of Tanglewood
Tara Airway's Demi
Ch. Jerrwen's Margarita ROM
Select Ex. Ch. Jerrwen's Malibu Breeze ROM
J-Lyn's Felony Windy Acres ROM
Legato's Joe Cool AX, AXJ, CD
Legato's Memphis Flyer OA, OAJ


#3 Sire for 2001~ AKC Point Tabulation

"We are pleased to have Bull appear in the Red Book again this year as the #4 Futurity/Maturity sire and #3 in the AKC point tabulations.  To date, Bull has sired 11 champions, several of which have continued their show careers as Specials, winning multiple Bests of Breed and group placements at all-breed shows as well as Best of Breed at specialty shows.  Bull is also making an impact in the performance ring with many progeny being shown in obedience, agility and schutzhund. Bull continues to prove his prepotency for improving backs, rear dive, forehands, ears and temperament.  His progeny typically have beautiful breed type, excellent bone and good secondary sex characteristics... males a masculine.. bitches are feminine.  Bull continues to produce well with a variety of bloodlines with only a minimal amount of health problems.  He does not carry the coat factor and, to date, ahs not produced off colors.

We would like to thank the breeders who continue to send their lovely bitches to Bull and to the judges who continue to recognize the quality of his progeny.