Ch. Hickoryhills Shock'n Y'all

Ch. Hickoryhills Shock'n Y'all

Breeder:  Christine Grainger,Carlos Navarro and Lee Parkhurst
Owner: Dave Lasater
DOB: Feb. 9th, 2004

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Ch. Select Ex. WeLove DuChien's Harrison
Welove Du Chien's Sunshine
Ch. Hickoryhills Shock'n Y'all
2000 GV Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham ROM, TC, HIC
Select Ch. Hickoryhills Brickhouse Sirius Park
Ch. Sirius Park's Poetry Aladdin

GSDC of East Tennessee --- April 30, 2005 --- Winners Dog

"Was very very impressed with this young male from the quality filled Am Bred class. He caught my eye the minute he floated into the ring. Son of the RWD, this young dog is "the real deal," and I believe he hasn't even reached his maximum potential. He has a very nice topline, and beautiful underline for his age. A bit wanting in coat, otherwise this dog was in excellent condition. Coordination! Coordination! would probably best describe this guy. When given a totally loose lead, he's poetry in motion. Probably the second best shoulder of the day. Very nice coming and going. Proper length of neck, Rock solid back. Nice croup and tail set. Looking at him just standing, one can see he is built for motion. He uses himself to the maximum, both ends, without effort. "

~ Randall Chesnut

Great Salt Lake GSDC --- July 16th, 2006 --- WD & BOW

"This was a dark, masucline dog that demonstrated a Good shoulder and follow through from the side, sound front and rear. Balanced is a Good description of this dog, and again all on a LOOSE lead at a moderate speed. There were other dogs that might have been better one end or the other, however not were as good both ends nor as beautiful as this dog."

~ Nadine Grady

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