Hi Sierra's Friendly Fire

Hi Sierra's Friendly Fire

Breeders: Jan Lagomarsino and Bob Scholes
Owner: Alfredo Ceballos, MD
DOB: September 19th, 1985


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Hi Sierra's Freindly Fire

Ch. Weicon's Deacon of Hi Sierra 

Hi Sierra's Classy Lady

  Covy Tucker Hill's Ms. Mindy


GSDC of Washington---1988---Winners Dog

"Black and tan, medium size dog with good masculinity.  Side gaits very efficiently in all three speeds carrying a lovely topline.  His mouth is correct  in all respects, good temperament and willingness to work, he could have better feet, but this did not hamper him at all in any aspect of gaiting - it would be purely cosmetic.  He is very competitive guy in any area of this country.  Handled by Bob Grady."

-Pearl Wieselman