Select Ex. Ch. HiCliff Free 'N Easy

Select Ex. Ch. HiCliff Free 'N Easy

Breeder: Randall and Darlene Cliff
Owner: Greg Harrison and Liana New
DOB: August 29th, 2005

AOE Select Ex. Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes ROM, TC, HIC
Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff
Ch. TR's Quintessential v Kenlyn
Select Ex. Ch. HiCliff Free 'N Easy
Can. Sel. Ch. & Am. Ch. Hi-Cliff's Laser V Woodside
Ch. Hi-Cliff Whitney Woodside ROM
Can. Ch. Hi-Cliff's Montana Woodside OFA.

GSDC of America --- October 18th, 2006 --- 12 to 18 Dogs & Reserve Winners Dog

"What a hunk! His name truly fits him: he is "Free and easy" in motion but more over, he moves with power and authority. This beautiful dog is all male with a gorgeous outline, headpiece, neck and ear set. He has an iron back. In the Winners class, he pushed the Open Dog very heard and made the decision difficult. An exceptional animal whose career I will watch with joy as it is bound to be a spectacular one."

~ Jamie Walker

GSDC of America --- October 2010 --- Select #4

~ Barbara Amidon


GSDC of America --- October 1, 2011 ---Select #2

"Another extreme and aggressive mover. A bit darker than #1 with a beautiful outline standing and in motion. Also not hard to find. Clean down and back, solid back with a bit higher wither than the GV with a bit less in forehand."

~ Ed Barritt

Echo-Cham's Donatello
Echo-Chams Premier Image