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Ch HiCliff Bronson Kaleef ROM

Ch HiCliff Bronson Kaleef ROM
GS-TH323/46M-PI 75725G34M-PI
EL20074M34-PI CA486/60M/P-PI
Breeder: Randy Cliff, James Moses and Sheree Moses
Owner: Sheree Moses and James Moses
DOB: March 7, 2004

AOE Select Ex. Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes ROM, TC, HIC
Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff ROM
Ch. TR's Quintessentail v Kenlyn ROM
Select Ex. Ch HiCliff Bronson Kaleef ROM
Kennelwood's Knight Rider
Select Ch. Tamar's Panache
Proven Hill's Up 'N At It of Tamar

2008 Register of Merit Sire


GSDC of America ---November 8, 2008 --- Select Excellent #4

~ Dave Rinke


GSDD of America --- October 2010 --- Select Execllent #3

~ Barbara Amidon

Select Excellent Ch. Kaleef's Joshau v Kenlyn
Ch. Kenlyn's Jodie v Wildwood
Select Ex. Ch. Kaleef's All About Me
Ch. Kaleef's Havoc AX, AXI, MX
Ch Kaleef's Sor Juana v Jaepaul
Ch. Kaleef-Jaepaul Shazam Wildwood
Ch Da-Jo's Thunderbolt of Crestview
Ch. Naiyala of Crestview PT, TC
Ch. Kaleef's Frieda Calho v LGK
Ch. Prima Bullerina of Edan
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Karizma's Anisette
  Kaleef's Dennis the Menace
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Ch. Kenlyns Tenacity V Kaleef.
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Ch. Kenlyns Tenacity V Kaleef.
  Ch. Regency's Bullwinkle v Kridler
Ch. Kaleef's Pantera
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