1909 Sieger Hettel Uckermark

1909 Sieger Hettel Uckermark
SZ# 3897
Breeder:  Frau Dir. Poppe; Wiesbaden
Born:  July 7th, 1907 

Heinz v Starkenburg

1906 & 1907 Sieger Roland v Starkenburg

Bella v Starkenburg

1909 Sieger Hettel Uckermark


1906 Siegren Gretel Uckermark (formerly Gretel von Hohen Esp)

Hexe v Hohen Esp HGH

Most Important Progeny:
  • Alex v. Westfalenheim
  • Billo von Riedekenburg
  • Bianka v Riedekenburg
  • Bendix v Riedekenburg
  • Bella v Riedekenburg

"Hettel was apparently never photographed other than seated but whether his hindquarters had to be hidden is impossible to say.  He is said to have been big and strong with a good gait and noble appearance.  His temperament, like that of Gunter (his brother) and their father before them, was only passable and it is claimed that inbreeding on 
 'Uckermark' gave problems in this direction as well as spongy bone.  Bearing in mind the nutritional knowledge at that time the bone problems may have been as much environmental as genetic."

"It is said that Hettel was difficult to condition and according to Hamphrey (1928) his most important and influential son Alex v Westfalenheim died of intestinal trouble.  Strong inbreeding on Hettel, especially via Alex, was said to give this trouble with poor assimilation which expressed itself either in conditioning difficulties or in actual death from digestive complications"

~Author Unknown