Heinz v. Starkenburg SchH III Kkl 1

Heinz v. Starkenburg SchH3 Kkl 1


Horand v. Grafrath (coat color: gray)

1900 & 1901 Sgr. Hektor v. Schwaben (coat color: gray & tan)

Mores Plieningen (coat color: black & tan)
Heinz v. Starkenburg SchH3 Kkl 1
  Pollux (coat color: gray)

Lucie v. Starkenburg (coat color: gray)

Most Important Progeny:

"Heinz was out of a Pollux daughter and so was inbred.   Heinz was never registered but  did achieve some lasting fame through his progeny.  In fairness Heinz is probably overrated since his only success  was to sire the 1906-7 Sieger Roland v Starkenburg,
the first really outstanding dog of the breed.  Humphrey (1926) believed Roland owed little to Heinz and more to Hektor v Schwaben."

~Author Unknown