Ch. Heart Breaker of Bob-Lyn ROM

Ch. Heart Breaker of Bob-Lyn ROM

Breeders/Owners: Dr. Robert E. & Lynn Pike

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Asgard's Dale of Katzenjamer ROM
Ch. Heart Breaker of Bob-Lyn ROM

Dapamo's Laser

Ch Ginger Ale of Bob-Lyn ROM

Pinebeach's October v Glisando

April 1986---Winners Dog

"A masculine, good size dog with excellent pigment, very dark with a beautiful dark eye, super temperament and character and the desire to move.  He had a tendency to step a little high in front when he started out but showed good reach.  Then after a few times around the rind, he settled down and the longer he went the better he got.  He appeared to be a young dog."

-Harold Sands

1987 Register of Merit Sire

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  Denotes a member of the 13-Club