Ch. Harry Luftigen Hohe

Ch. Harry Luftigen Hohe
Owners: A. Espinosa & E. Legee


Mix von Lochem SchH I

Ch. Treu vom Wolfsstock SchH III ROM

Lilly vom Gipsbergwerk
Harry Luftigen Hohe

Ch. Harry v. Bollscheid SchH III

Waldenmark's Linde

  Waldenmark's Bikki

June 1970---Best of Breed

"Just a magnificent dog who could not do anything wrong. A good sized dark sable. Dark eyes, excellent expression. A clean, working dog type, strong as I said--magnificent... When he was moved at the desired speed, his stride was extreme, period of suspension elongated and just seemed like he felt like a million and showed like it too"

-Myror Perris

GSDC of America---1972---Select #7