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Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny ROM

Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny
OFA GSEL 10739M37
Breeder: G & V. Godoy & C. & PCarmona
Owners: G. Godoy & C. Carmona & Joan Ford
DOB: October 2nd, 1996

Ch. Pete of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Ponca Hill's Jessie II ROM, TC

Ponca Hill's Kylie ROM
2x Select Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny

Ch Ken-Delaine's Taylor Made ROM

Ch. Mary Mary of Fran-Jo ROM

  Tyler of Fran-Jo ROM

GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Maturity Victor

"A truly outstanding side stride with a good topline. Strong going away, but not pretty coming."

~ Charlotte LaRosa

GSDC of America --- October 23, 1999 --- Best Opposite in Maturity

"Very masculine black and tan male that carried a good back and topline. Clean coming and going. Beautiful in motion. Very correct. Could have better feet. Excellent temperament."

~ Rita Sandell

GSDC of America --- October 23rd, 1999 ---  Select #3

"A medium to large, light pigmented black and tan male of excellent proportions.  Very good secondary sex characteristics. Sound coming and going and a sidegait second to none. Extreme, outreaching front, hard-driving rear that finished well. Very good back, good croup. Keeps feet close to the ground. Feet and pasterns could be  better. His exciting sidegait earned him his high Select."

~ Fred Migilore

GSDC of America---November 4th, 2000---Select #5

"Medium light black and tan. Proportion somewhat long. I'd like to see a firmer ear set and a firmer back in motion. He is a very suspended, mover covering a lot of ground. I'd like to see firmer  ligamentation."

~Joseph Bihari


#8 Sire for 2001~ Futurity/Maturity System

"Manny is a beautifully structured animal with the most outreaching, long striding powerful gait ever to be had by Fran-Jo and Gonvi Shepherds.  He is strong in masculinity, superb in temperament, iron back, powerful rear drive; and his feet barely leave the ground.  He could have slightly better pasterns if you wish to fault him; however, he excels in the harder to get structures of the German Shepherd Dog.  He will be great in improving correct shoulders, no lifting, effortless long striding movers with beautiful long croups and powerful rear drive and follow through.

Manny finished his championship very fast, won his Futurity and Maturity and was Maturity Victor.  He does not carry the coat factor or off colors.  He could be stronger in pigment and pasterns.

We would like to thank Gonzalo and Vilma for allowing Manny to be here in the States where he can be utilized.  I predict he will be a very worth while dominant sire like his sire Jessie and Jessie's sire Pete and Pete's sire Ticketman, all ROM sires.  We thank the owners of the beautiful bitches that were bred to him.  This year they should make their debut.  You'll like what you see.  As we know, to be a producer you must come from producers on both sides and, ofcourse, be line bred to be a dominant producer."

2003 Register of Merit Sire

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