Ch. Fritz De Cloudt ROM

Ch. Fritz De Cloudt ROM

Breeder/Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Cloudt
DOB: February 4th, 1964

1962 Sgr. Mutz ad Kuckstrass

Ch. Falk v Eningsfeld ROM

Lise v Dummerback
Ch. Fritz De Cloudt ROM

Ch. Trump of Cedar Park

Von Nassau's Ophelia ROM

  Seahurst Estrellite

GSDC of America---1966---Select #2

"A 2 1/2 year old elegant, large sable with excellent type and general appearance, very strong in back. I would
like to see him a bit stronger in pastern and tighter in elbows."

~Ernest Loeb

1972 Register of Merit Sire

Ch. De Cloudt's Showgirl
She-She's De Cloudt
1969 GVX Ch. De Cloudt's Heidi CD
Duchess De Cloudt
Ch. Amber's Louisa
Amber's Crystal DeCloudt
Ch. Stebar's Glamor Girl
Stebar's Royal Rein Velvet
Ch. Krescent's Honey
Krescents' Hydee
Ch Emary's Dino
Pinehaven's Darbet Destiny
Ch. Geranack Idea of Friendshipe
Ch. Mandeburg's Ilse