Ch. Forest Knoll's Giant Killer

Ch. Forest Knoll's Giant Killer
Owner: Herman D. Stiefferman, Jr

Ch. Caralon's Phantom v. Lebarland

Forest Knoll's TNT

Forest Knoll's Quite Lady

Ch. Forest Knoll's Giant Killer

Kenbrair's Rise N Shine

Kanron's Fancy Me v. Janzer

Kenbrair's Piece of Action

October, 1981---Best of Breed

"Large male with a great deal of style and showmanship. Excellent pigment, eye, bone and substance. Very good sex characteristics. Slightly better rear assembly than the forehand. Perhaps a little too much length of body with a little roach over the loin. He pushes off well and strides well, a willing mover, maintaining topline. Perhaps more firmness and suspension. Clean coming and going but needs firming in the elbows coming. A stallion type."

-Ralph Roberts


  • Ch. Forest Knoll's Champagne Punch
  • Schneiderhof's Alexandria CD

         Blitz vom Haus Schwarze CD CGC
         Schneiderhof Imperial Ruler Am. CDX Can. CD

  Denotes a member of the 13-Club