Ch. Fellsway Mel Gibson

Ch. Fellsway Mel Gibson

Breeder: Joanne Conboy
Owner: Barbara & Frank Lopez & Joanne Conboy

Debonair Prefered Stock Topa
  Topa's Cam Neely v Debonair
  TR'S  Alexis v Tuthill
Ch. Fellsway Mel Gibson

Ch. Amber's Stockbroker ROM

Fellsway Roxette ROM

Can. Ch. Woodside Fashion of Bethesda ROM

Bay State GSDC---October 5, 2001---Winners Dog

"A fully matured very nice red dog who is all male.  He knows what his task is and executes it admirably.  He is balanced and clean with very good reach and rive.  He is a dog with character and his temperament is on the money.  A well deserved win, and a pleasure to see him in my ring.  I understand that he is a Champion now.  Congratulations!"

~Debra Ann Hokkanen