Ch. Fax of Hillrise

Ch. Fax of Hillrise

Breeders: J.L. Carlier
Owners: B. & C. Joseph & D. Reif
DOB: May 18th, 1984

  Ch. Schokrest Pacific Gold

Ch. Tanle's Gold Dust of Hillrise

Tanle's Flaming Star
Ch. Fax of Hillrise


Hillrise's Foxfire


Amarillo GSDC---October 13th, 1985---Winners Dog---BOS

"A very balanced, very sound long striding animal who won this award based on his effortless sidegait. He had very close competition from the Reserve Winners Dog."

-Lew Bunch

Central New Mexcio GSDC --- April, 1986---Winners Dog & Best Opposite Sex

"... medium sized sable, shown in beautiful condition and shownto perfection by his handler. I would like tos ee him a little cleaner going away. He has a good suspended side gait with a great attitude and a good topline. I had judged this dog before but on this day, he was not to be denied Winners."

--Peggy Douglas