2x Select Excellent
Ch. Elvaston's Southern Byrne PT, HT, ROM

AOE Select Ex. Ch. Elvaston's Southern Byrne PT, HT, ROM
OFA H GS-61665G30M-PI OFA E GS-EL12573-PI
Breeder: A. Marsh
Owner: Frank & Carolyn Martello & Doris Estabrook
DOB: December 10th, 1998

Can. Ch. Hoheneichen Caisson Avalon

AOE 1997 GV Ch. Mar Haven's Color Guard ROM-HT

Marhaven's Cracklin Rose
AOE Select Ex. Ch. Elvaston's Southern Byrne PT, HT, ROM

Steffelstein's Fax Jimeni

Elvaston's Sparkler

Can Ch. Elvaston's Elsay

GSDC of Oregon---May 25th, 2002---Best of Breed

"A large, striking, dark black and tan dog, totally together in one piece.  He moves his big frame with ease and grace and every inch of him is Championship quality.  He is clean coming and going, has a very good back and topline, and displayed excellent character.  A beautiful stallion that I'm sure we will be hearing a lot about."

~Jamie Walker


GSDC of America---October 16th, 2002--Select Excellent #4

"A very striking black and tan male who shows good smooth coordination when in motion. He is clean down and back and has a solid mid-piece. When posed he appears a bit straight in upper arm and looks a trifle square. Overall very nice.

~Edmond Barritt

Diablo Valley GSDC --- March 15th, 2003 --- Best of Breed

"The Best of Breed competition this day was spectacular.  There were so many specials that were drop-dead gorgeous.  I figured I had an impossible task to find a Best of Breed.  What made the difference to me is "what dog would I use to improve the breed the most?"  It had to be a dog that was a true stallion and one that when he moved, he would knock your socks off.  I did n1ot recognize this dog at first until he started to move -- then it was all over.  This, in my opinion, is a dog to reckon with.  A large stallion that floated.  He was clean with a very strong back and has incredible character and so much to offer.  After judging I learned the dog was #4 Select in the U.S. and Select in Canada, too, so I guess I am not the only judge to love him.  The breed needs this kind of motion and character and I bet he could take on a few sheep as well."

~ Joanna Rand.


GSDC of America --- October 2003 --- Select Excellent #6


~ Dave Rinke


2007 Register of Merit Sire




Ch. Lorien's Late Night
Ch. Lorien's Lady Day
Ch. Lorien's Lights Out
Ch. Licnolnwood Gunner v Foxlake TX
Lincolnwood Cricket Valkyrie
Ch. Mar Haven's Flying Solo of Van Oak
Mar Haven's Flachette
  Ch. Mar Haven's Mr. Beau Jangles
Ch. Mar Haven's Rossi v Mariner PT HSAS
Ch. Sharobi's Night Train
  Mar Haven's Southern Night TC ROM