Am/Can. Ch. Earth Wind & Fire of Edan CD ROM

Ch. Earth Wind & Fire of Edan CD, ROM

Breeders: Ann Schultz & D. Schupbach
Owner: Ann Schultz
DOB: July 10th, 1984

Ch. Proven Hill's Jock Hoheniechen ROM

Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM

Proven Hill's Keepsake v. Sandon
Ch. Earth Wind & Fire of Edan CD, ROM

Ch Cassey v Bleibtreu

Bestest of Edan ROM

Ch Awlful Good of Edan ROM

April 1987---Best Opposite Sex

"A very handsome male, he represents the breed in a very positive way. His attitude, sidegait and cleanliness coming and going was impressive. A medium to large male with full dentition."

-Dan Mosher

October, 1987---Best of Breed

"Masucline, handsome, strong fluid moving dog. He was impressive both standing and in motion. Clean coming and going, possessed a strong back and topline and covered a lot of ground. Black and reddish tan displayed good character eager showmanship and good type."

--Meridith Snyder

Kentuckinana GSDC --- March 17th, 1989 --- Best of Breed

".. a black and tan male of good substantial size, with rich pigmentation. The overall impression while standing is that of a mature, correct male. He is longer than tall with good proportions, good depth of body. Feet were compact, well groomed, pads thick. Withers were higher than and sloping into a level, strong, well developed back which did not roll or sway. In motion his gait is outreaching, smooth with an even stride, and moves powerfully with coordination and balance. Feet travel close to the ground with good under reach The neck and shoulders are clean cut, normal and relatively long. The shoulder blades are long and well laid back with the upper arm and should approximately equal in length. Foot Timing - 9."

~ Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

1989 Register of Merit Sire

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