Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM ROMC

Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye

Breeder/Owners: Jesse & Lorraine Clifford & Family

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Ch. Eko-Lan’s Paladen ROM

Eko-Lan’s Glory ROM
Select Ch. Doppelt-Tay’s Hawkeye ROM

1967 GV Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Doppelt-Tay’s Jessette

  Laurlloy’s Admira


Louisville KC---February, 1976---Winners Dog

"Hawkeye is a small to medium, well muscled, close coupled hard, dry black and tan dog with good feet and pasterns. Clean coming and going. Well balanced side gait. Excellent back. Moved easy on a loose leash. He has full dentition. Dark eyes and an excellent temperament. He was presented perfectly by his handler, Sandy Dancosse."

--Norma Hansburg

GSDC of America---1977---Select #5


GSDC of America---1978---Select #4

"Medium sized, black and tan male, higher on leg and not as full bodied and pleasing in outline as the first three select champions. He has a strong back but his topline is slightly uneven. Very extreme in motion; displaying a powerful underdrive and an outreaching fore assembly. Excellent mover both on a tight and loose lead with only the slightest tendency to lack follow through when going loose. Good coming and going, and although his outline standing is less attractive, he was by far the most exciting mover present."

-Ed Barritt

1978 Red Book

"Ch Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye in his first appearance in the Stud Dog Tabulations assumes the No. 1 position. He follows in footsteps of his famous sire, Ch Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM, and joins his brother Hammer who was in the top group last year. There were 33 litters nominated out of which 24 had progeny entered. Progeny from 14 litters placed in all but two regions of the Futurities with the majority (7) placing in the Mid-Atlantic Futurity where he received both a BOF and a BOM. A total of 7 champion bitches were bred to Hawkeye. Ch Ambers Flair ROM*, the lovely Zeus daughter, had winning progeny from two litters. Most of Hawkeye's winners were the result of line breedings on Lance with additional lines to Fortune. Two had distant lines to Axel and one was an outcross. Several had lines to Bernd through Zeus, Scorpio and Harrigan. It is interesting to note that 5 Harrigan and 1 Reno daughter were bred to Hawkeye while no Harrigan and 4 Reno daughters were bred to Hammer. Two or more progeny from three of Hawkeye's litters placed in the Futurity."

Larraine Clifford writes the following about her Select Ch Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye:

"From day one, Hawkeye was something special, so it was no surprise to those of us who love him to see him emerge as #1 Stud Dog for 1978. He attained this award at 3 years of age, the first time he appeared in the top ten stud dog tabulations.

Hawkeye is the sire of five lovely Champions, with other progeny needing minor to finish. He has almost double the required number of progeny for his ROM title. His son Ch. Ezariah was W.D. and Select #8 at the 1978 National. Hawkeye is also the sire of 3 Futurity Winners and 3 Maturity Winners. An outstanding record for a young sire!

 Hawkeye finished his title at 19 months of age with 4 Majors. He is a true working dog. He is a dog that could be shown in any country in the world. He has good balanced angulation without being overdone in any> respect. He is the ideal combination of the American and German dog. His value lies in his balanced, coordinated, precision-like movement. Our Standard tells us that a dog that moves this way has excellent proportions. We have found that Hawkeye can be bred into any bloodline. He does not produce long coats or off colors. He will correct pigment and produces very few testicle problems. He produces his balance and cleanness, good temperament and intelligence. I can honestly say there are no breed warnings when using Hawkeye. For show purposes some people may prefer a plusher coat, although Hawkeye's coat is correct.  Hawkeye is a medium sized dog who will produce medium to large progeny, with excellent sex characteristics. He also has a correct bite with full dentition and the majority of his children do also.

 We here at Doppelt-Tay see bloodline combinations as a good chef sees a recipe. When the ingredients are of proper amounts and blended correctly, the product is successful. Hawkeye and Hammer's pedigree reflect over 20 years of work with our line. We believe it is the reason the "H" boys have produced multiple winning litters. They are linebred three times to Ch Fortune of Arbywood ROM through his best sons, Ch Doppelt-Tay's Jesse James ROM and G.V. Ch Lance of Fran-Jo, ROM for breed type, high withers, topline and long striding side gait. Hawkeye is sired by the great producer, Ch Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM, who contributed his total balance, cleanness and hard, dry structure. Hawkeye is best known for his happy-go-lucky attitude. He thinks you come to his house just to see him. He immediately hunts for his ball and if he can't find it, in desperation, he settles for his bone, then insists you play tug-o-war! Of course, he always wins. He is after all, a WINNER!"

Breeder/Owner Jesse and Larraine Clifford & Family


1979 Register of Merit Sire


February 2001

"Hawkeye was a young puppy, won 1st Junior Dog under Judge Joan Fox in Mid-Atlantic Region in 1975. He finished at 19 months age, with 4 majors (4 points each). We thank the great judges who gave Hawkeye, winners - Norma Hansburg, Walter Frost, Kathleen Olbis and Bob Slay. We'd also like to thank Hawkeye's exclusive handler - Sandy Dancosse."

"He and Hammer got their ROM titles at 4 years of age. In my opinion Hammer looked like GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo, their grandfather while Hawkeye looked like Paladen, their father."

Debbra Clifford

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