Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tay’s Hammer ROM

Breeders: Jesse L. and Larraine C. Clifford
Owners:Jesse L. and Larraine C. Clifford


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Ch. Doppelt-Tay’s Hammer ROM

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GSDC of America---1975---American Bred Dog & Reserve Winner Dog

GSDC of Eastern Virginia---November, 1975---Winners Dog & Best of Winner

"Medium to large black and tan with good body proportions. The head is good but I would prefer a bit stronger mussel, strong back. Hammer is an extreme outreaching mover with a nicely formed forequarter and equally proportioned rear. Extends well in front and has a nice opening of hock when following through. Adequate ligamentation coming but could be tighter going."

-Ed Barritt

1977 Red Book Entry

"Hammer is out of a litter of five male puppies. Three of the pups were stillborn, due to their unusually large size for newborns. The two live pups were destined to become two champions that we are very proud of. They are: Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer, and Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye. They will be four years old on Sept. 7th, of this year. Experienced breeders will agree that quality litters can be seen at birth. Our "H" litter was exactly like that. They were beautiful. They were substantial, well angulated, and obviously something special. They were special for not only their beauty of form, but also their strong, healthy constitution. Their good health seemed to be made than freedom from disease. It seemed to be on inherited characteristic. Hammer and Hawkeye both had unique personalities as well. Hammer would continually strike a show pose, always with a regal, male attitude, which has stayed with him to this day. He is sweet, gentle dog that likes people. He likes bitches but will not tolerate living with another male. For this reason, with reluctance, we had to separate the boys at 12 months of age. Hawkeye was the devil of the two. When Hammer would strike his pose, Hawkeye would gait around and around looking for something to get into. Hawkeye does live with another male. He and Steel Curtain get along well, both assuming that fun and games are the best things in life, next to girls.

 Since the three champions are privileged house dogs, we've developed our "shift system." Hammer and Sugar Free (Curt's sister) are the first shift. Hawkeye, Curt and Kirsten are the second shift. This system has worked well for us. It allows us to enjoy living with our champions, and also to get them outside for coat and exercise. The exercise has never been more than playing ball in the yard. Hammer finished his title at 22 months of age, with five Majors. His last two Majors and Best in Maturity, were won on a badly infected toe. Luck was with us, however, and the day he finished he went to Philadelphia to have the toe amputated, for the infection and moved to the bone and the antibiotics were not checking the infection. Within a month after surgery. Hammer was gaiting and had recovered totally. At a slow gait, I can see a slight hint of the missing toe, but over all, he compensates beautifully, and most people never notice it. Hammer has been bred to correct shoulder, wither height, topline, ribbing rear angulation and proportions. He is a medium sized dog, but will produce medium to large progeny. I'm sure this is due to the influence of his grand-dam, Laurlloy's Admira, a large bitch, linebred on Troll, who, we feel, has had a great influence in our breeding program. Hammer is a short coupled, compact, one piece dog, and is good with bitches needing this correction. He has also been good for bitches needing better proportion of leg length to body depth. He will not improve pigment greatly. If bred to good pigment, the progeny will retain good pigment. Hammer could be tighter in one elbow and a bit firmer in back action, but most of his kids are very clean coming and going. I would sum it up by stating that Hammer is much like his sire, Paladen, with more topline and rear quarter. He is linebred three times to Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM, through half brothers, Jesse James and Lance, which accounts for the added type, topline and angulation."

~Jess and Larraine Clifford

1978 Red Book

 "Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hammer was born September 7, 1974 and appears for the second consecutive year in the Top Ten Stud Dogs. Hammer bred 34 bitches of which 24 had progeny entered in the Futurities. Ten litters provided 13 winners and 3 litters had multiple winners. Hammer was represented in all the Futurity regions but excelled in the South Eastern Region where 4 out of 5 shown placed. His biggest entry was in the Southwestern Region where 11 were shown but only two placed and in the Great Lakes where 9 were shown but only 1 placed. Hammer had 2 BOM and 1 BIF. His young son, Ch. Baobab's Chaz was BOM in the Southwestern Futurity and went on to become Maturity Victor and Grand Victor at the 1978 National. 

Hammer was bred to 4 Champion bitches. Among these Ch. Pinebeach's Darlin', the dam of Chaz, is a Cobert's Reno daughter. The dam of his daughter Lakeside's U-No-Fair, who was BIF and Futurity Victrix, is also a Reno daughter. His winners were all the result of Lance linebreedings. Several were closer line breedings on Paladen and Morgan. Many had additional lines to the F-litter Arbywood. Although Hammer was bred to two Judd daughters and a Hale daughter who produced a BOM for Hammer, most of his breedings involved little Bernd blood. Hammer and Hawkeye themselves have no lines to Bernd. Consequently, whatever Bernd there is in the progeny comes from the dam's side. None of Hammer's winners were the result of outcross breedings."

 Hammer's owner, Larraine Clifford has written the following
 information for the Tabulation book.

 "This is Hammers 2nd consecutive year in the top ten stud dog tabulations. Since his #7 placing in 1977 came from young progeny, it is interesting to note that he is rapidly fulfilling the promise accredited to him as a sire of winners. It is also interesting to see that 2 of the 4 1978 National Futurity/Maturity winners were Hammer sired. One went on to become the 1978 Grand Victor, and four are United States Champions. There are also 2 children needing only minor points to finish. He has almost double the required number of progeny for his ROM title. For those who will see Hammer in the 1978 Stud Dog presentation, it will show, quite clearly, that Hammer is a dominant sire. There will be a definite uniformity of type with high withers, short strong backs, excellent ribbing with good body depth.
 Hammer does not carry the long coat gene nor does he produce off-colors. He has a correct bite and full dentition. 

Hammer finished his title at 22 months of age with 5 majors, despite a badly infected toe. The toe was amputated a few days after he finished his title. Hammer is a happy outgoing dog that enjoys "doggy visitors". He is the perfect gentleman and will sit with dignity and pride, giving one the impression that he is "above it all". He loves to play ball with the bitches and is a devoted member of our family."
 *pending approval GSDCA

Breeder/Owner Jesse and Larraine Clifford & Family


1979 Register of Merit Sire


February 2001

"Hammer won 1st American Bred Dog and Reserve Winner Dog under Judge Connie Beckhardt at the 1975 National Specialty show. He also won Best in Maturity at the 1976 Southwestern Region Maturity under Judge Dave Rinke. He finished his championship at 22 months of age because his toe had a bad infected for a few days. We thank the great judges who gave Hammer, his 5 majors - Ed Barritt, Robert Freeny, Frazier Anderson, Kathleen Olbis and Charles Mardecz. We'd also like to thank the superb handlers - Lamar Kuhns and young Leslie Dancosse."

"I believe Hammer had never been entered in the Best of Breed competition at a National. He and Hawkeye received their ROM titles at 4 years of age. In my opinion Hammer looked like GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo, their grandfather while Hawkeye looked like Paladen, their father."

--Debbra Clifford

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