Ch. Doctor of Long-Worth

Ch. Doctor of Long-Worth
Owner: Winifred Dorchester

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Ch. Doctor of Long-Worth

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"Ch Doctor of Long – Worth was a dog I ran into in my early days with German Shepherds. He found his way to the West coast by way of one of Mr. Brackett’s dispersal sales. As I recall, he was not the most alert specimen but then what did he have to look forward to, looking at a wire fence all his life. Possibly Long - Worth felt they would get obedience stock by breeding to Baron but that did not seem to have happened. More likely the attraction of the combination of bloodlines is what appealed to Mr. Brackett.

In the early fifties Doctor was picked up by Winifred Dorchester of West Vancouver British Columbia. At that time he was sort of a sorry looking dog but he was balanced, had a good back and when he moved everything seemed to come together and stretch. Once he got the tender loving care from Winifred Dorchester he came to life and became the star of the Pacific Northwest. He had no trouble getting both his Canadian and American Championships. When he started to live he started moving with enthusiasm, winning Specialty shows, one after another. The amazing thing about him was that he was also an excellent producer and for some years after his time, his progeny dominated the whole area.

He did produce some problems though. I had a son of his that never got his ears up; today they would probably have found a way to fix that. I took that dog to the Yukon with me one summer and noticed he had a natural inclination to herd the horses. Some of Doctor's progeny lacked life but in spite of these problems his presence moved the breed forward in the area."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History