Ch. Dan-Ann's Chablis Original Sin

Ch. Dan-Ann's Chablis Original Sin
Breeders:  S. Hayden & Bary & Cindy Bartley
Owners:  Sally Hayden
DOB: September 7th, 1998

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Ch. Dan-Ann's Chablis Original Sin

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GSDC of America---November 8th, 2001---American Bred Dog

"Elegant black and tan.  Flawless silhouette in motion or standing.  Medium-sized dog with short hocks and a good underline.  His performance was a 10 on this day."

-Mr. Joe LaRosa


GSDC of Northern Indiana---September 22, 2001---Winners Dog, Best of Winners & Best of Breed

"This dog entered the ring, and there was not but one word I could say: "Exceptional!"  A medium-sized, very rich black and tan guy with a beautiful, masculine head.  He has good pasterns and a short hock.  He has a good middle piece and back.  He has good ears, good bone, and a medium eye.  He was shown in excellent condition--hard, with a shiny, healthy, beautiful coat and stamina to match.  He presents a beautiful picture of a handsome, low-stationed, typey male.  Now add to the picture and excellent side gait.  To complete the picture, have him magnificently presented by George Berstler who allowed the showman to show himself on a loose lead all the way to Best of Breed over a beautiful Specials class that included two beautiful Veterans."

~Kathy Field Casteel, Esq.


Illini GSDC---February 1, 2002---Best of Breed

"This is a medium-sized male who also does not carry a great deal of coat.  He is of good breed type with a correct wither point flowing in to a strong back.  He showed flawlessly with confidence and really never put a foot down wrong.  It was just his day.  Original Sin has a beautiful lay-back of blade and a long upper arm.  He opened up and moved with ease, covering ground nicely.  His back remained firm throughout the gaiting and his enthusiasm never diminished.  The handler put this dog on a loose lead as requested and the dog never changed.  He could use more finish in the rear."

~ Nancy Harper