Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM

Ch. Cobertís Reno of Lakeside ROM

OFA GS-2280

Breeders: Daniel Dwier & Connie Beckhardt
Owner: Vito Moreno & Connie Beckhardt
November 9th, 1970 - February 2nd, 1985

Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM
  1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Frohlichís Else v Grunes Tahl ROM
Ch. Cobertís Reno of Lakeside ROM

Ch. Falk of Bihari Wonder

Cobertís Mellissa ROM

Ch. Cobertís Ernestine ROM

"The real greatness of Reno was the enormous soundness of the dog and the soundness of the progeny. He was incredible for producing good hips. He would produce good hips with many bitches who didnít have good hips. He produced good temperament with many bitches who didnít have good temperaments in spite of the fact that they (the bitches) influence their litters more than he. He improved ears on so many dogs. He was able to give that sparkle and joy of living."

~Breeder/Owner Connie Beckhardt

GSDC of America---1974---Select #3


1975 Register of Merit Sire


GSDC of America---1976---Select #4


GSDC of America---1977---Select #4


GSDC of America---1979---Select #10

"This almost nine year old campaigner is well known to the fancy. He displayed the vim and vigor of a 2 year old and is still a ringside favorite. The rear-action could be better, he kicks up behind a bit. This dog has been a well known producer and he could not be denied the place among the elite."

~ Ernest Loeb

1976 Register of Merit Report:

"Reno appears on the list of the top ten producing stud dogs for the fourth time this year. Of his 16 placing progeny, it is interesting to note that 11 are males and only 5 are bitches.  The 16 progeny were out of 13 different dams showing that Reno is capable of producing excellent with many different bloodlines.

Reno is now sire of 15 champions, 7 males and 8 bitches.  Three of his Champion progeny are the result of close breeding on his great dam Cobert's Melissa, ROM and his famous sire GV Ch. Lance of Fran Jo ROM.  These three breedings are, of course, also heavily line-bred on the famous Ch. Bernd vom Kallengarten ROM.  Five more of the Champion progeny are line-bred on Bernd, two of the through the beautiful Ch. Dot-Wall's Vance, ROM.  Two of the progeny are line-bred on Lance through Paladen.  Four are distantly line-bred on GV Ch. Troll v Richterbachtal ROM and one is a distant line breeding on our foundation bitch Hobby House Katja of the Hills.

We promised last year to report to you on the results of our Golly-Reno litter.  This, as you will remember, is a full brother to sister breeding and we are still pleased with the resulting progeny.  Temperament is superb in ever one of the 4 progeny.  Not only are they sound, but they are intelligent, alert, fearless and full of the joy of  living.  The males are masculine, the bitch feminine.  There is no orchidism, no mouth faults.  Ears are excellent and eyes well shaped and dark.  All ears are very good.  Necks are long and well shaped, backs excellent.  Hindquarters on the males are correct but not extreme.  The bitch could use more angulation in the hindquarter.  Forehands are very nice on all.  At 14 months one male, Cobert's Cardinal has been shown 3 times winning a large Intermediate class at the 1977 Futurity and 2 Novice Classes at large Specialty shows.


Report of Register of Merit Sires for 1980

"The multiple Select Ch Cobert's Reno of Lakeside has also produced thirty seven champions, several ROM progeny and obedience winners. Reno is really what German Shepherds are all about, a happy, outgoing showman who, I am sure, has made hundreds of friends for one Breed. To me he has been a Grand Victor every time I have seen him in competition at the National Specialty."

Doris Estabrook


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