1984 Grand Victor
Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM

GV Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM/C
OFA GS-10822
Breeder: Theodore Beckhardt
Owners: Theodore & Connie Beckhardt
Born: June 21st, 1979

Ch. Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM

Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM

Doppelt-Tay's Jessette
GV Ch. Cobert's Trollstigen ROM

Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM

Ch. Cobert's Zephyr of Windigail ROM

  Ch. Cobert's Windsong ROM

August 1982---Winners Dog

"A large black and tan dog with adequate pigmentation. He is deep bodied, presenting an excellent masculine outline when posed, which is marred slightly by the tail set. Not extremely angulated but very well balanced and sound coming and going. Side gait is balanced with good strong level back, excellent temperament with good animation."

--Walter Frost

August 1982---Best of Breed

"A very, very sound animal in every respect, blessed with an ideal type body, very close to the standard. His movement from the side as well as coming is very correct, topline very firm. Has the sought after quality, character. Soundness of mind permeates his being."

--Sam Lawrence

October 1983---Best of Breed

"Strong, big, masculine. Moves with strong rear quarter drive and a high wither. Good transmission through back although long in middle piece. Clean on both ends and excellent temperament."

--Walter Frost

GSDC of America---1983---Select #3

"Performed with far reaching, ground covering gait. Beautiful layback of shoulder, good depth, would like a little better croup and tail set. Sound coming and going, but slightly let down in pasterns. Dark eye, masculine head, good expression. Strong side gaiter with excellent underdrive, an exciting dog to watch. Would prefer a little deeper pigment."

--Helen Fisher

GSDC of America---1984---Grand Victor

"This dog simply and consistently performed to perfection with heart and soul. This was his show. Presented a beautiful outline, good layback of shoulder, good back and topline, clean coming and going, ideal type, beautiful head, long neck, and most certainly the look of eagles—a real stallion. Excellent body proportions. Excellent side gait on loose lead."

--Fran Ford  

1984 Register of Merit Sire

1984 Red Book

"Troll has made all our dreams come true. He performed so beautifully at the Best of Breed competition at the 1984 Nationals that the whole Shepherd fancy applauded his Grand Victor title. Winning is fun, but winning when your peers feel the win is justified is a very special thing."

"Troll is a large black and golden male with a beautiful plush coat with lovely feathering. He has a masculine and attractive head with excellent ear carriage and a wonderfully shaped, very dark eye. His neck is strong and elegant and he has a high wither and a strong back. His loin is short and strong and his croup is well placed."

"Troll has an excellent shoulder and a well angulated hindquarter. These features coupled with good ligamentation and excellent muscle make him able to effortlessly cover the ground without tiring. He is very true both coming and going. Troll does not carry the blue coat factor but does carry a coat factor."

-Breeder/Owners: Theodore and Connie Beckhardt


1985 Red Book

"At 8 ˝ years of age, Troll is still producing some spectacular poppies who we hope will make their mark on the future of the German Shepherd Dog. He is so young and active it is hard to believe he will be 9 years of age in June. He is a very special dog to live with and to love, and the love he gives to us is the most special gift of all."

--Breeder/Owner: Theodore and Connie Beckhardt

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