1998 Grand Victor
Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM

AOE 1998 GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, AOE ROM
OFA H-GS47620G24M OFA E-EL6507
Breeders: Jack Newton & Lynn Baum
Owner: Jack Newton & Mary Lou Middleton

December 10th, 1994~January 10th, 2000

  Ch. Proven Hill's Up N Adam ROM
  Proven Hill's Sport v Adelgard

Kolbrook's Favorite Decision
AOE 1998 GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM
  Ch. Maverick of Bob-Lyn ROM

Ch. Caraland's Patricia

Proven Hill's Wish 'N U Were Here

GSDC of Sacramento Valley ---August 31st, 1997---Best of Breed

"On this particular day I found myself mesmerized by Ch. Caraland's Unlimited, an eyeful of masculine, bi-color perfection, he has a head & substance that leaves no question about his sex. He moved effortlessly on a loose leash. He was very, very similar to one of my other specials, whom I had put up as a young dog and always admired, but on this day, Unlimited was just the tiny millimeter better overall."

-Lanalee Jorgensen

GSDC of America---1997---Select #3


GSDC of Orange County---September 12th, 1998---Best Opposite Sex

"Unlimited was #3 Select last year, and is one of the most massive, masculine, powerful, dark dogs of all times, or at least as long as I have been going to the dog shows, approximately 30 years. He has a massive, dominating head, a temperament that is absolutely unshakeable, and moves with a ground covering fluid motion that you expect on a much smaller animal. He certainly gives lie to the theory that a male cannot move as good as a bitch. On this day he appeared a little overweight, and a little bit out of condition. He is such a large massive dog, that it must be difficult to keep him in condition, but if you are looking for masculinity, substance, pigment and correct temperament, and do not want to give up an inch on movement, this is a dog to consider. He was only beaten out by the bitch for Best of Breed, because of his condition on that day."

-Evan L. Ginsburg

GSDC of America---1998---Best Opposite Sex

"Strong bi-colored masculine male of good substance with an appealing outline. Good head and earset, dark eyes, good topline and back. A smooth extended mover showing a little more front reach than #2. Could be a bit tighter coming. Overall a very pleasing dog of good character that has little to criticize."

~ Edmond Barritt


#2 Sire for 2001~ AKC Point Tabulatio

"His call name was Max, and he was known throughout the breed by that name.  Max was a very sound dog and was hard to fault.  He made two trips to the National, finishing Select 3 the first time and Grand Victor the second time.  He produced some very fine offspring that are still winning in the shows.  As of this writing, he has 12 champions and more of them will finish this year.  Max had the ability to produce top quality in both males and females which is not always true of temperament that he gave to many of his offspring, he also gave them beautiful shoulders and you can see it being carried down to his grandchildren. Max was a once in a  lifetime dog, and we were blessed to have him for his short lifespan.  He was felled by cancer at just five years of age leaving a huge void in our lives.  He rests now in our yard, under the apple tree; and we will never forget him"

Owners ~ Jack and Mary Lou Newton

2001 Register of Merit Sire

"I stopped breeding for a few years in the early 80s due to work requirements. When I decided to resume breeding in the late 80s, I purchased a bitch and a male pup from Proven Hill as I liked the the Adam progeny I judged around the country. Breeding the bitch to Ch Maverick of Bob-Lyn produced Ch Caralandís Patricia. Breeding Patricia to the male pup produced Ch Caralandís Limited Edition and AOE GV Ch Caralandís Unlimited TC CD. As you will see on their progeny pages, these boys are continuing in the tradition of top producing Caraland dogs.

According to our records Max has qualified for the coveted ROM title when Nitro of Lou-Ro and Lace of Lou-Ro went Reserve Winners Dog and Winners Bitch at the San Antonio Specialty.

We thank all of the dedicated owners and breeders of these fine progeny for their hard work and dedication. We are so very Proud!

But it isn't just the show ring winners that prove Max's value to the breed. His progeny are very trainable and make wonderful obedience and working dogs. One young son is foregoing a show career for duty as an avalanche dog, proving once again that good conformation and good working character do indeed go together. 

--Owner Jack Newton

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