Ch. Caraland's Clancy

Ch. Caraland's Clancy

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Ch. Caraland's Apollo

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Ch. Caraland's Clancy

Ch. Eko-Lan's Paladen ROM

Caraland's Bacall Del Prado

Del Prado's Phaedra


GSDC of America---1978---Futurity Victor

"Big masculine black and tan with a beautiful shoulder. Correct coming and going with a floating side movement, tremendous period of suspension, exceptional in this. A stand out in the class. Full dentition, good rear and croup. He is very young and because of his large bone, appears a little soft."

-Helen Fisher

February 1979---Winners Dog & Best of Breed

"Beautiful substance, fine masculine male, good pigment, excellent shoulder, good reach, nice rear, true coming and going. Was in very firm flesh. Overall, very high type dog."

--Joe Poepping

February 1979---Winners Dog

"Big stallion type black and tan with a beautiful suspension. True coming and going, excellent layback of shoulder. Full dentition, dark eyes. Still a little soft at this age, over the loin, but is so superior in everything else this is easily overlooked. He has an outstanding period of suspension, truly a beautiful mover. A superior mover."

--Helen Fisher

May---1979---Winners Dog

"A beautiful black and tan male with tremendous suspension, lovely shoulders, hard back, extreme body depth, full dentition. A problem with right leg is all that kept this dog from BOS."

GSDC of America---1979---Maturity Victor & Select #5

"A 2 1/2 year old, very typy dog, richly pigmented of medium size. His croup is a bit steep and on a loose lead he could be slightly firmer in back. Coming at me he displays a loose elbow. He also displays a lively and sound temperament."

~ Ernest Loeb