Clayfield-Smithfield Jordan ROM

Clayfield-Smithfield Jordan ROM
OFA GS-14728
Breeders: Sharon Earl & Alice Likens
Owners: Sharon Earl, Angela Stegner, Alice Likens & Mary Stoll
DOB: October 11, 1980

Ch. Covy Tucker Hills Durango ROM

Ch Karagin's Crusader ROM

Caralon's Illa vd Lockenheim
Clayfield-Smithfield Jordan ROM

Clayfield Brennan ROM

Clayfield Devon v Hausmekon ROM

  Smithfield Harvi v Hausmekon

1985 Register of Merit Dam

"Clayfield Smithfield Jordan is line bred on Harrigan and her winning progeny are all sired by Select Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM.This close family breeding on Reno, Golly Gee and Harrigan through the Melissa-Lance click.  There is also line breeding Tucker Hill's Angelique."

~Connie Beckhardt & Maryellen Kish

Ch. Clayfield's Allways A Lady ROM
Ch. Clayfield's London
Ch. Clayfield Meadow Tootsie
Ch. Clayfield's Zurich v. Castlehill HT
Clayfield Meadow Arriva

  Indicates a member of the 13-Club