2000 Select Excellent
Ch. Caralon's QED A Cut Above

Ch. Caralon's QED A Cut Above
OFA-H GS-59246F40-T -E GS-EL11391-T
Breeders: Mary E. & Ralph E. Smith
Owners: Larry R. Duerbeck & Patricia A. Parsons & Helen M. Sherlock & Don Smith
DOB: 02/12/97

Ch Leiter's Excalibur ROM

Ch. Caralon's QED Sword v LeBarland

Ciara of Nordlicht
Ch. Caralon's QED A Cut Above

Ch Nike-Clayfield Andretti, ROM

Caralon Lockenheim Corvette

  New Skete's Caralon Belle


GSDC of America---November 5, 1998 --- American Bred Bitch

"Excellent rating. This is a standard sized gal as are the second, third and fourth place bitches. Type personified, deep rich pigmentation, beautiful double coat, lovely head, dark eye, excellent temperament and attitude. High withered, short coupled, strong back, excellent croup and tailset, excellent feet and pasterns. Her side movement says it all. She has a tendency to lift it taken too fast, but when allowed to move slowly and easily she covers ground beautifully. Excellent front extension, excellent rear drive."

~ Helen Gleanson


GSDC of America---November 4th, 2000---Select Excellent #8

"Medium black and tan. Very feminine, smooth outline, good strong topline in motion. She has a good front assembly that matches with the rear. With that structure she would give more suspension if she'd have a
little more animation. Again excellent temperament, good coming and going, and full dentition."

~ Joe Bihari


GSDC of America --- October 2007 --- Veteran's Bitch 7 to 9

"Still very pleasing to the eye and maintains her agility and enthusiasm. She continues to demonstrate excellent under drive and follow through with an outreaching shoulder. A remarkable lady of whom her owners I'm sure continue to be extremely proud. I've always loved our old dogs and the Veteran bitches reminded me why."

Dr. Robert Kish



Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Caralon QED On Angel Wings
Ch. Caralon QED The Bad Seed
Ch. Caralon QED Wing's Badlands Boy