Ch. Breauhausen's Keri

Ch. Breauhausen's Keri

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Ch Randheim's T Texas Tyler

Ch. Breauhausen's Spectrum

Breauhausen's Klassy
Ch. Breauhausen's Keri

Amber's Stridder of Zar-Zal ROM

Ch. Amber's Sharon Hill v Patja

  Amber's Remember Me of Patja

GSDC of America --- 1987 --- 12 to 18 Month Bitch

"Breauhausen's Keri - a bitch with beautiful type, beautiful color, nice bone, feet, coat, and in excellent condition. A very, very alert bitch, extremely good coming and going, and a beautiful sidegait. At his age, she may be a little long in body and, hopefully, will develop a more rounded croup."

~ Sam Lawrence

GSDC of America---1989---Select #6

"a lovely black and tan shown in excellent condition. Ground covering sidegait and clean on both ends. Very willing mover and very exciting to watch in motion."

~ Betty Radzevich