Ch. Brazenhaus Tapestry

Ch. Brazenhaus Tapestry

Breeder:M & L Derechin
Owner - M Derechin


Quint of Shiloh Gardens

Ch. Prime Time of Billo ROM

Ch. Waldesruh Gay Debut v. Billo
Ch. Brazenhaus Tapestry

Ch. Zeto of Fran-Jo ROM

Brazenhaus Odetta
    Nightwood's Lil

GSDC of America --- 1982 --- 9 - 12 Puppy Bitch

"She is a well developed black and tan. An exceptional moving bitch with a gorgeous backline and strong reach and drive. She should have no trouble finishing."

~ Barbara Amidon

GSDC of America--1983---Select #6

"This bitch had just finished her championship and came into the class with all the energy of a young colt. Beautifully pigmented with nice dark eye and good expression. Excellent rear and croup with tremendous underdrive. Sound coming and going. A little short in upper arm. Would like more extension to balance the powerful rear. Good sidegaiter, but works at it. Very typey - good topline."