Ch. Blue Moon's Runaround Sue ROM

Ch. Blue Moon's Runaround Sue ROM
Breeders: Robert & Nancy McFarland
Owners: Bonna Pugliese & Bill & Jeri Pfeiffer
DOB: 02/12/98

AOE Ch. Schneiderhof's Urban Cowboy CD ROM TC

Ch. Blue Moon's Ragtime Cowboy Joe
  Barques Shot of Moonshine
Ch. Blue Moon's Runaround Sue ROM

Ch. Ken-Delaine's Egoiste ROM
  Stonehedge Venus Ken-Delaine

Ken Delaine's Adria


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Open & Winners Bitch

"In my mind she is as close to the Standard as we can get, and went on to become my Winners Bitch. Beautiful breed type with correct proportions. A very stylish black and tan bitch with an excellent back and topline. She was clean coming and going and had a good temperament. Excellent back and topline with correct proportions. Very extreme in sidegait, coordinated, outreaching and moves close to the ground. On a loose lead nothing changed. She went on to Select 4 and Best of Winners under Fred Migliore."

~ Rita Sandell

GSDC of America --- October 1999 --- Select #4

"A medium pigmented black and tan bitch of very good proportions, strong secondary sex characteristics, sound coming and going, good feet, excellent pasterns. Sidegait very good reaches well, finishes well, croup is good, iron back. This bitch won her high Select on overall strength and soundness."

~ Fred Migilore

GSDC of America---November 4th, 2000---Select #4

"First impression, light black and tan, very feminine, pleasing outline.  Front assembly has a correct shoulder, and a little shorter upper arm. Strong back in motion, good drive, good coming and going. Full dentition. Excellent temperament. I'd like to see a little bit more suspension-especially more front reach."

~Joe Bihari

2004 Register of Merit Dam


Ch. Bodan's Place You Bet of Grey Pines
Ch. Grey Pines' Tina of Bodan
Grey Pine's Blue-Cowboy
Am.,Int'l Nat'l, Ch. Grey Pines' Krusher, HT,TC,CACIB,CAC