Belsgard's Roguetta ROM

Belsgard's Roguetta ROM

Owners: Roy and Ruth Schriefer


1953 GV Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah ROM

Ronnie of Mi-Noah

Ch. Kathy of Rocky Reach
Belsgard's Roguetta ROM

Ch. York of San Miguel

Beaugetta of Minthausen

  Sheba v. Hohenfels

1959 Register of Merit Dam

"Belgarde's Roguetta came on the list as a new ROM in 1959 with 102 points. In 1960 she passed Ch. Nyx of Long Worth ROM, four years All Time Highest Dam. Her owners Roy and Ruth Schriefer were long time breeders in southern California. Roy had bought a daughter of Strongheart who he trained, along with many other dogs, for movies and circus work as "little pad dogs," mostly terriers, for clown acts. He and Ruth owned a boarding kennel in Artesia and, with dedication and patience, raised their own German Shepherds.

They had established their own strain, Von Scheif Shepherds, by the forties, when they bought a clumsy six-month-old puppy from John Seiler named Helsi's Chief. He was a younger brother to Ch. Helsi's Christy, a prepotent Midwest sire from Marlo von Hoheluft ROM and Ch. Heidi of Grettamarc CDX. He carried the genetic influence of double GV Ch. Pfeffer von Bern ROM and Ch. Garry of Benlore ROM's bloodlines. Chief made the trip to Indiana but enroute injured a foreleg. The accident was serious enough to do him permanent damage which kept him from active competition in the show ring. Cheif did prove to be a prepotent stud dog and sired several excellent champions including the Schreif's own beloved "Big Imp", Ch. Arno of Bervic, who was out of Werra of Rocky Reach, a sister of Ch. William K. of Rocky Reach. He did his finest siring with Belgard's Roguette, "Jody". She was a daughter of Ronnie of Mi-Noah's thought to be one of the GV Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah ROM's best sons. He was killed in the holocaust of a midwestern tornato after winning 13 points on his championship.

Her dam was Beaugetta of Minthausen, a fine producing daughter of Ch. York of San Miguel. The bloodlines of Odin, Pfeffer and Chlodulf were joined four times between Big Imp and Jody and brought fame to Von Schrief with the crowning of the All Time Highest ROM Dam for the year of 1960 to their Belgarde's Roguetta ROM from her progeny. Specialty and BIS Ch. Von Schief's Portrait ROM, owned by Doyle and Barbara Williams, won Best In Show at the Santa Barbar Kennel Club All Breed Show over and entry of 1,813 which was the largest entry for a one-day show in the country up to that time. Roguetta's other progeny were Ch. von Schrief's Nikki, Von Schrief's Nanette, and Von Schrief's Velma."

~ Cappy Pottle and Gloria Birch

Ch. Von Schrief's Portrait ROM
Ch. Arno of Bervic
Ch. Von Schrief's Nikki
Ch. Arno of Bervic
Von Schrief's Nanette
Ch. Arno of Bervic
Von Schrief's Velma
Ch. Arno of Bervic