Ch.Bachchen's Scarlet O'Hara

Ch. Bachchen's Scarlet O'Hara

Breeder: W. Bauer
Owner: J. & M. Rodriquez & W. Bauer
DOB: February 17th, 1985

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Ch. Pinebeach's Casanova

Pinebeach's O' My of Glisando ROM
Ch. Bachchen's Scarlet O'Hara

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Ch. Bachchen's Jori

  Bachchen's Echo v. Pinebeach

GSDC of America---September 27th, 1985---6 to 9 Puppy Bitch

"Large, good pigmentation, well balanced, free moving, excellent breed type, moved her to 4th position in Winners Class."

-Robert Slay

GSDC of America---1987---Select #12

"This is a two and one-half year old, well coordinated, very alert, and free moving bitch of medium size. She lacks in reach and drive, and could be a bit firmer coming at you."

~ Ernest Loeb