1960 Grand Victor
Ch. Axel v Poldihaus

1960 GV Ch. Axel v Poldihaus ROM

Breeder: Emil Lederer
Owner: Otto Meier
DOB: February 25, 1956

V Immo vom Hasenfang SchH III

VA Axel vd DeininghauserheideSchH III
  Helma v Hildegardsheim SchH III
1960 GV Ch. Axel v Poldihaus ROM

Caesar vd Georgsmarienhuette

Ch. Petra v Richterbach

  Lende v Richterbach

Axel was actually conceived in Germany but born in the US.

Breed Survey: General Impression: A hard dry powerfully built male with well coordinated and powerful gait. Excellent front and rear Angulation. Correct dentition. Secondary Sex Characteristics: Pronounced. Constitution: Powerful, dry. Temperament: Alert, strong nerved. Expression: Shepherdlike, noble.

Physical Characteristics: Structural Proportion: Trotting build, powerful, medium size. Height: 25 1/2 inches. Depth: 12 1/4 inches. Weight 87 lbs. Chest Circumference 34 inches. Bone: Medium.

Forequarters: Angulation: Very good. Forechest: Well developed. Pastern: Strong. Feet: Arched Ribbing. Oval.

Middlepiece: Back: Medium length. Loin: Length: Medium. Topline: Sloping. Underline: Normal.

Hindquarters: Angulation: Very good. Thigh: Broad. Croup: Somewhat short. Tail: Long, sabre.

Head: Masculine. Muzzle: Sufficient. Eye: Dark, oval. Ears: Normal. Carriage: Erect. Bite: Normal. Teeth: Normal.

Coat: Condition: Normal. Type: Normal. Pigmentation: Sufficient.

Physical Characteristics: Back: Firm. Forequarters: Outreaching. Hindquarters Drive: Powerful. Trueness: True.

Unusual Qualities or Faults: This dog could be a little longer for his height and stronger in pigment.

Stability: Ability to adjust to a situation: Total. Gunfire: Favorable.

Breeding Recommendations: Recommended for all good bitches with strong pigmentation and proper croup formation.

Melvin Steinbrenner; October 28, 1961; Southfield, Michigan


GSDC of America---1960---Best of Opposite Sex


1965 Register of Merit Sire


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