VA Axel vd Deininghauserheide SchH III

VA Axel v.d. Deininghauserheide SchH III DPH FH
SZ 624836

Bred by:  Adolf Koster of Dortmund
Owned by:  Officer  Fritz Schenk
Born: June 2nd, 1946

V Nestor v. Wiegerfelsen SchH III/MH2/SH

V Immo v. Hasenfang SchH III

V Dorte v. Hasenfang SchH I
VA Axel v.d. Deininghauserheide

VA-Gnom v. Kalsmunttor SchH III

V Helma v. Hilderdsheim SchH III

V Tita v.d. Starrenburg SchH II

Koer Report, October 10, 1948

"Medium-sized, very good general appearance, good angulation.  Confident.  Height 24,8 inches, weight 80 pounds.  Color: Tan with black saddle and nice black mask on face."

German Sieger Show---January 1949---VA4

German Sieger Show---January 1950---VA1  

Most Important Progeny:


"... a medium sized powerfully built dog with good depth, good angulation, sound temperament, a powerful gait and a strong back.  Twice VA, Axel was also SchH III, FH and DPH and he was to sire many leading winners including Srg. Alf v Nordfelsen and Dutch Sgr. and Am. GV Ch. Troll v Richterbach ROM, possibly the most influential sire in modern American history although not necessarily doing as much good for the breed as did Pfeffer v Bern.  There was a tendency for largish ears through Axel and also some ear weaknesses but in general good bodies and size are to be found through this line along with the inevitable cryptorchidism."

~Author Unknown

"The immortal Axel was one of the greatest producers in the history of the breed.  His sons and grandsons were among the finest German Shepherds bred and they, in turn, have continued to produce a great depth of quality in their progeny.  Axel was a beautiful dog with a faultless temperament, and was the result of an outcross.  A breeding miracle that rarely occurs, yet because it did, his lines click beautifully with others."

~Winifred Gibson Strickland



"Axel was bred by Adolf Koster of Dortmund but was owned by a policeman Fritz Schenk, who worked Axel in police work, getting his PHD degree. Axel appeared in the 1955 Sieger show at 10 years of age, he was still doing his police rounds and looked like he was still in excellent condition.

He was indispensable in German breeding, living his life out with his owner. He was the sire of the 1955 Sieger Alf von Nordfelsen SchH 111, the first official Sieger since 1937. They still retained the Select Class.

... although some of his kids were pretty big they usually had excellent temperaments and they were very safe. Axel was also producing rear angulation or at least a fair amount of it."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History