Ch. Asslan of Robinsway

Ch. Asslan of Robinsway

Breeder - R Robinson
Owners J & D Golden
Canadian Grand Victor
DOB: August 6th, 1966

1955 Sgr. Alf v. Nordfelsen

Greif v. Elfenhain ROM

Anka v. Elfenhain
Ch. Asslan of Robinsway

Olex v. Brennhorst

Travler's Bessy

Travler's Fraulen Arna

GSDC of America---1967---Novice dog & Reserve Winners Dog

"Standing - this well-handled, black and pale tan, fourteen months old son of the noted German sire Grief vom Elfenhain, presented a pleasing picture of a neatly balanced young male, just under
medium in size, well developed in brisket, and of good type. Moving - he bordered on the spectacular. His full reach in front, corresponding sweep behind and excellent suspension, created a flying trot that was thrilling to view. In addition, he traveled both firm and true fore and aft."

Reserve Winners Dog - "To the brilliant, but still some what immature Novice Dog Winner, Asslam of Robinsway."

~Ray Smith


GSDC of America --- October 12, 1968 --- Maturity Victor


GSDC of America---1969---Select #2


Topline GSDC --- 1969 --- Best of Breed

"Best of Breed went to the well known black and tan two your old, Ch. Asslan of Rovinsway. This dog won out over a very select Specials class plus the winner of the Veterans class and the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch. He is a medium sized dog that possesses a gait that can give one the felling that the "flying trot" is still with us. I personally believe he looks his best at a medium fast speed. He possesses proper angulation at both ends and has a strong back. There is no doubt that he is an exciting dog to watch in motion."

GSDC of America---1971---Select #2


GSDC of America---1972---Select #3

"This dog is unquestionably a spectacular mover, and well within the standard in all respects. Superior front, and period of suspension. His movement was true from all views."

-Alan Sandell

1974 Register of Merit Sire

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