1936 German Sieger
Ch. Arras a.d. Stadt-Velbert ZPr

1936 Sgr. Ch. Arras a.d. Stadt-Velbert
SZ 462958  Black & Tan
DOB: March 18th, 1934

Famous Long-Worth strain was founded on this dog along with Pfeffer & Odin

(English Ch.) Adalo of Ceora Z.Pr. PD

(English Ch.)Lachs of Ceora

(English Ch.) Ansa of Ceora
1936 Sgr. Ch. Arras a.d. Stadt-Velbert

1932 Sieger Hussan v. Haus Schutting Z.Pr.

1935-1936 Siegren Stella v. Haus Schutting

  Flora v. Hils (Utz daughter)

"The 1936 Sieger was Arras ad Stadt Velbert.  He was the only 'British' Sieger in the sense that he was sired by Luchs of Ceara, son of Ch. Adalo and Ch. Ansa of Ceara.  Arra's dam was the 1935 & 1936 Siegerin Stella v Haus Schuetting, a double granddaughter of Utz v. Haus Schutting.  Arras made the trip to America and was champion there in 1936 where he appears in Llano Estacado pedigrees through his son Am. Ch. Conde del Llano Estacado."

~Author Unknown

1936 German Sieger Show

"... In the Mature Dog Class, Herr Sickinger, who had replaced Von Stephanitz as the president of the S.V. had trouble deciding between two dogs. Arras aus der Stadt Velbert and Odin von Busecker Schloss were the two he was deciding between. He said that he eventually chose Arras because Odin was in a change of coat."

~Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

GSDC of America---1936---Winners Dog

"Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners went to the Winner's Bitch Frigga von Kannenbackerland.  This so angered Arras' owner; that a German Sieger was not awarded the prize, that he took his dog and left.  After the Grand Victrix award went to Frigga von Kannenbackerland, Arras was to go into the ring and compete for the Grand Victor award.  He was gone.  So as the Reserve Winners Dog Pfeffer von Bern took his place.  It was Pfeffer who won the title that year.  Some do not doubt that had Arras competed he would have won the Grand Victor title for the year of 1936!  Now since Pfeffer's owner felt his dog won by default HE refused the award.  Which is why it is noted as NOT AWARDED". Really it probably should have shown, "Refused"

V Gnom vom Kalsmunttor SchH III Kkl 1
Heidi vom Kalsmunttor
Uxa v Haus Schütting
Ch. Conde Del Llano Estacado ROM
Ch. Hella of Dornwald
Stella v Saliba
Mitzie v Saliba