Amber's Strider of Zar-Zal ROM

Amber's Strider of Zar-Zal ROM

Breeders: Barbara Amidon & M. Rigau
Owner: Barbara Amidon

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Amber's Strider of Zar-Zal ROM

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1984 Red Book

"Strider came from an all male litter. It was to be the only litter his mother, Select Ch. Lolita of Zar-Zal, was to have as she died young. This is the reason I decided to keep a male as it was all I had from Lolita.

Strider was shown as a young puppy and won about 10 Best Puppy awards plus a 4th place 6-9 month puppy at the GSDC of America national specialty show. His brother Spirit, placed second. Instead of finishing his championship, we began using Strider at stud.

Strider mirrors his mother's beautiful breed type, gorgeous dark eyes, good back, clean at all angles, and excels in shoulder. Strider has one of the best front assemblies I have seen in a long time, and seems to produce it. He also has good pigment, black and reddish tan with a plush coat. He will produce a blue when bred to a bitch who carries the blue factor. Blue is as serious as fading pigment so they make beautiful pets. He has one of the soundest temperaments I have owned."

-Owner: Barbara Amidon

1984 Register of Merit Sire
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  Indicates a member of the 13 Club


1985 Red Book

"We are pleased Strider is the 6th producing male in the futurity/maturity tabulations. Having only 10 litters in the last 2 years, this speaks well of his producing ability. Strider produces correct toplines, not the incorrect, extremely high withered animals that have straight shoulders. A correctly angulated dog should move with his head level not so high. It looks pretty but it is a sign of a straight upper arm and incorrect layback. Strider has the perfect shoulder needed in the breed today. He passes on his dark eyes, plush coat and is sound coming and going. No, we are not going to say Strider is the answer for every breed bitch, but we feel he has produced very few problems.  

Our breed has many problems (heart, esophagus, bite, ect…) and I believe more honesty is needed from our stud dog owners. For those who have not seen Strider, he is a shade under 26” with great temperament. He is a fun animal who, going on 8 years of age, still looks like a puppy. As of this writing, (November 1985) Strider has eight champion progeny two in the Dominican Republic. His daughters seem to be reproducing also."

--Owner Barbara Amidon