1953 Grand Victor
Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah

1953 GV Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah
Owner: Noah Bloomer of Mi-Noah Kennels

Ch. San Mirguel's Ilo of Rocky Reach UD

Ch. San Miguel's Baron of Afbor UD

Afra of Pangamor

1953 GV Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah

Alert of Long-Worth

Mi-Noah's Ophelia of Long-Worth

Ch. Long-Worth's Ophelia of Greenfair

"They bred (Ophelia) to Ch Baron of Afbor that gave them a fine looking male that they kept and called Alert of Mi - Noah. He was a great winner at the shows as he took on a classic image posing in the winnersí circle. He certainly was Alert. He went on to become American Grand Victor. He was another great breed influence on the west coast as his progeny grew up and started to win dog shows. His input is noted in pedigrees of many great dogs that came later. It is recognized as an integral part of the makeup of continuing West Coast breeding, but there were other kennels around the country that built on his influence and qualities."


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