Arnhild's Black Frost ROM

Arnhild's Black Frost ROM
OFA - GS-3682

Breeder: John Dinnien
Owner: Alice Zymont

Korry of Waldesruh

Arnhild's Crusader

Robinsway Anka
Arnhild's Black Frost ROM

Korry of Waldesruh

Arnhild's Cognac

  Robinsway Anka


Register of Merit Report---1976

"Arnhild's Black Frost has scored 85 points for her title. She is the product of a brother to sister breeding with Korry of Waldesruh as grandsire. Bred to Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM she produced a top winning litter of sables and black and tans. One sees the Waldesruh influence in the progeny but one also sees many of the Lance chacteristics. Her three champion daughters are of beautiful type and were early mature. Black Frost is owned by Alice Zymont and was bred by John Dinnien. We wish you continued success."

--Connie Beckhardt and Jean Kuchar

Register of Merit Report---1977

"Arnhild's Black Frost ROM as has been related before, was the result of an accidental brother-sister breeding.  She was born under the front porch in the dirt, where she stayed until she walked out.  She is the only surviving bitch of that litter.  As a youngster, she had a very traumatic time and had several homes -- one where she suffered under the physical abuse of a drug addict.

When purchased by Anton, she was living on a farm on a chain.

"Toby" endeared herself to me very quickly --- having a temperament like no other I have known.  Her record as a producer follows:

1st breeding to Zeus of Fran-Jo, ROM (7 surviving puppies):

  • CH. Anton's Harlowe

  • CH. Anton's Harper

  • CH. Anton's Hexe

  • CH. Anton's Hussy (Select 1976, 1977)

  • Anton's Here I am (RWB from Novice Class, 5 pt. major)

With this first breeding Arnhild's Black Frost earned her ROM.

2nd breeding to Ch. Zeto of Fran-Jo (5 surviving puppies):

This litter was slower to mature, but are now ready to campaign.  Those shown to date have class wins, but so far, no points.  The one bitch to be bred was already producing pointed progeny.

3rd breeding to Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM (4 puppies all survived):

  • Ch. Anton's Jesse, BIF, BIM

  • Anton's Jason

  • Anton's Jenne

  • Anton's Jazzet, BOS in Futurity

Because the puppies would have to be delivered by Caesarean section, we were reluctant to breed "Toby" once again.  However, when the "J" litter was well over one year of age she seemed to be doing well, once again she was bred to Zeus.  She conceived no puppies and showed signs of chronic illness.  After many, many visits to the veterinarian and many more blood tests, she was taken to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinarian Hospital.  There the diagnosis was not good -- they suspected a malignant tumor.  She was scheduled for surgery on March 17, 1978, a day I shall never forget.  I received a telephone call from the operating room informing me that "Toby" had a huge mass which was involving the stomach, pancreas, liver, and had already done damage to the kidneys -- they thought it was hopeless, but would try if I gave the word.  I could give no other.  The mass turned out to be a surgical sponge!

To the amazement of everyone, our girl pulled through the operation and became a star at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.  When I brought her home, she weighed a mere 58 pounds.  She had to be rushed back twice with renal failure.  Her last check up was on May 25, and she was in excellent condition, weighing in at 84 pounds.  Of course, she had a receiving line at the hospital, and she thoroughly enjoyed showing off with her dance routine.

Tragedy struck on the morning of July 10, when I rushed her back for what was to be the last time.  She died in x-ray, the result of a blood clot attributable to the primary damage caused by the sponge.

With her devilish black eyes closed; her dancing feet stilled, she rests with my first shepherd Amy and Amy's son, Ch. Telyn of Anton, I am so grateful I have her exact replica at home -- Anton's Jazzet.  It is as though my "Toby" is still living through these fields."

--Alice Zygmont

  1976 Register of Merit Dam

1979 GV Ch. Anton's Jesse
Select Ch. Anton's Hussy of Rau Haus
Ch. Anton's Hexe
Ch. Anton's Harlowe
Ch. Anton's Harper
Anton's Here I Am